Become an Instructor

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Are you a subject matter expert [SME] and have the passion to coach people to enhance their skill level.
Are you passionate to help others to learn and make their lives better? Be part of the “Learning Budds” platform, you can share your knowledge in Live and Flexible online classes. You can earn some extra income sharing your knowledge in your spare time. Approximately 90% of the course fee goes to you. Our trainers go through a rigorous vetting process, be part of the elite group of coaches. Each Course is delivered 2 to 6 times a year depending on trainee interest. Each time a course is given we call it a session, each session consists of required number of ONE HOUR classes. Find details in payment schedule

You can start in quick three steps.

1. Let us know your expertise at, course objective and details about you

2. Prepare lesson plans and hold free webinars to market your courses to let trainees know

3. Start delivering your training and get paid

We are looking for expert trainers of
Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access,Outlook and Project
Google Sheets, Docs and Slides
Business Plan writing, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence

New Courses are added all the time

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